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At Nit Nabbers, we know that unexpected expenses are the worst, and that saving money is more important than ever, and that’s why we want to show you exactly how much time and money we can save you! A typical appointment for one Head Lice Removal treatment costs between $120-$200, and for longer appointments with multiple people requiring treatment, the price often averages out to around $100 PER PERSON. Other lice removal companies will try to convince you that pricing "per head" is a more reasonable way...charging $175 per head or more! Nit Nabbers will NEVER charge you for MORE THAN $180 PER PERSON...NEVER, AND OFTEN CHARGES LESS! We are also one of the few lice removal companies anywhere that has a 30-day guarantee!

Still, hiring a professional lice removal service may seem like  lot of money, we ask you to take into account all that we save you; the cost of purchasing products, your own time and frustration, missed days of school and work, potential infestation of your friends and other family members, and much more! Let’s look at each in more detail.

What is the cost of head lice removal products?

Let’s assume that you get head lice, and the first thing you think to do is go to the drug store and purchase a Toxic Shampoo for $20-$30. Assuming it works the first time, you may have only spent a small amount of money, but you’ve also exposed your child and yourself to toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. And making the assumption that it works the first time is a very poor one to make! These days, “super lice” exist. (No, really!) Lice have become more and more resistant to these pesticides, and rarely does the shampoo work as well as it claims to. It is far more likely that you will purchase more and more of the same product to try to get rid of the problem, and about every three weeks, the lice will come back.

You might begin to assume that the problem is in your home environment and purchase the over-the-counter sprays. Perhaps you decide to have your carpets steam cleaned. Now you’ve spent $60-$100, you’ve exposed your family to pesticides several times, and in serveral different ways, and you still have lice! So your next step takes you online. You purchase some all natural products that you find for between $20-$60 per head, and attempt to treat the problem again yourself. You're on the right track with natural remedies, but without experience and proper technique, you still miss a few bugs or nits, and the lice come back.

Finally, you get so fed up that you go to your doctor’s office to get a prescription. If you can convince him to write one for you, which he might be very hesitant to do because of its harmful nature, filling the prescription will cost you between $50-$100, plus however much your paid your doctor’s office for the visit.

I’m sure this all sounds a little far fetched! It’s not!

  • A friend of mine was discussing a recent lice infestation that she went through. Over the course of 3 months of constant re-infestations, she spent over $450 in products alone. She said that she really wished that Nit Nabbers had existed then, and if her family ever contracted head lice again, she was going to call immediately!
  • Prior to becoming Nit Nabbers customer, one mother spent over $1000 and 6 months trying to eliminate her daughter's lice. After throwing that money out the door, she was thrilled by the incredible bargin price of our service.
  • Another family told me that their estimate for lice products over several years of fighting an infestation was about $3000! And it wasn't until their treatment with Nit Nabbers that their lice were gone.

What is the cost of your time?

Lice don’t just cost you money, they cost you time! How much is your time worth? Fighting an infestation takes hours. In order to successfully eliminate head lice and their nits from an infested head, you need to spend hours manually combing through the hair. And what if you miss one!

Just a couple of missed nits, and the infestation continues. An untrained nit picker may have to repeat a treatment several times before the infestation is gone. That’s 3, 6, 9 hours…maybe more! What is your time worth really? $10 / hr? $20? More?

What is the cost of missed days of work?

Speaking of time, and money, can you afford to take the days off work? Many families today have two working parents, so when the kids are home from school, the parents are forced to stay home from work. Depending on your job and salary, you probably make $60-$400 per day! At that rate, how many days are you willing to take off from work to fight a lice infestation?

What is the cost of missed days of school?

Many schools have a “No Nit” policy. Therefore, as long as your child has head lice, he/she must stay at home. Now, in addition to the time and frustration associated with the lice themselves, add to that the time and frustration associated with make-up school work. Yikes!

What is the cost of your health?

Speaking to friend, she told me that while fighting her family’s lice infestation she actually incurred lice removal injuries! (I couldn’t make this up if I tried!) She separated a tendon from her knuckle while combing through her daughter’s hair, and she pulled a muscle in her shoulder while combing through her own hair. Nit Nabbers doesn’t want you to hurt yourself! Please call us instead.

What do you get with a Nit Nabbers appointment? 

  1. A Bottle of Lice Repellent ~ A $10 Value!
    • Every appointment, regardless of the number of hours charged or if we even find head lice, will include a bottle of Lice Repellent. Use this product on your child when there is an infestation in their classroom, or when sending them to sleepovers and summer camp!
    • Using this product will help prevent future lice infestations, which will save you time and money in the future. As other parents shudder when their school reports a lice outbreak, you will have your defense ready.
  2. Terminator Metal Lice Removal Comb ~ A $15 Value!
    •  Every appointment, regardless of the number of hours charged or if we even find head lice will include a high quality metal Terminator Lice Comb.
    • The plastic combs that are sold in many drug stores, or included with the Toxic Shampoo, are useless! The spacing between the teeth allows nits and lice to slide through, and the comb itself will not last as long. The Terminator comb can be sterilized by boiling and reused.
  3. The Comfort and Privacy of your own Home!
    • Nit Nabbers knows that In-Home Treatment is best when dealing with Lice, which is why we come to you!
    • While we are in your home taking care of the Manual Lice and Nit Removal, you can take care of your family and other home responsibilities.
  4. Piece of Mind ~ Priceless!

Nit Nabbers accepts cash, debit cards, and Visa or MasterCard. We do not accept checks.

To schedule an appointment, TEXT or call 980-475-0931or email today!


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