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"Lousey" Puns & Nitty Fun

"Lousey" Puns

This website is full of them!

“Why?” you ask...“Why not?” I say! Let’s face it, head lice is a generally unpleasant topic. And most people get the creeps and start scratching just thinking about it. At Nit Nabbers, we like to have a little fun with lice. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite “lousey" puns.

"Lousey" Pun Formula #1:

  1. Start with an expression about “life”
  2. Replace the word “life” with “lice”
  3. Instant humor achieved!

“A New Lease on Lice!” ~ a new lease on life (link to Lice News)
“Larger than Lice!” ~ larger than life (link to About Us)
“A Lice Saver!” ~ a life save (link to Incredible Value)

**"Lousey" Pun Warning!!!
Sometimes an expression about ‘life’ does not work well when changed to ‘lice’. An example of this would be, “Lice is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”
First, nobody wants to think about lice in their box of chocolates! Ewww…
Second, with lice, you always know what you’re gonna get; an easy In-Home Treatment at an Incredible Value from Nit Nabbers!

"Lousey" Pun Formula #2:

  1. Similar to Formula #1, find expressions with words that end in –ice, or the word “lights”, or “its”, “mouse”, “house”, ect.
  2. Replace that word with “lice”, “nits” or “louse” as is fitting
  3. More instant humor!

“No More Mr. Lice Guy!” ~ no more Mr. Nice guy
“Figure Nit Out!” ~ figure it out
“Bringing Down the Louse!” ~ bringing down the house

"Lousey" Pun Formula #3:

  1. Same deal...just go crazy!

“Nits Lice Out!” ~ it’s lights out
“The Best Thing since Liced Head!” ~ the best thing since sliced bread
“Nits the Time of your Lice!” ~ it’s the time of your life

All right, all right… we said they were "lousey"!

Nitty Fun

Nit Nabbers loves movies! Someday, this section of the site will be filled with movie spoofs with head lice as the central theme. (Silly, I know….that’s the point!)

We also hope to have interactive lice games and other fun and ‘nitty’ things to fill this page in the future. If you Contact Us, we can put you on our emailing list and send you newsletter updates when that happens.

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