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I have been volunteering at my son's school since the beginning of the school year and enjoying every minute of it, until I got lice from one of the kids in my son's class about 2 weeks ago. I was fortunate enough that my son and husband did not get lice...whew! I first tried the RID treatment, it did not work and the comb that is included in the kit was absolutely useless. I then tried the mayonnaise treatment which consisted of saturating my entire head with mayonnaise, covering my head with a shower cap and sleeping with it overnight. It was a disgusting mess! Needless to say, the treatment did not work. I was exhausted and at my wits end from the persistent itching of my head, the countless vacuuming and laundering which I have been suffering long enough.

As I was desperately trying to find another alternative to rid myself of lice, I came across the Nit Nabbers web page. I read Jessica's web page and felt a great relief! I called her and set up an appointment with her and she came to my house the next day and got to work. Jessica has a wonderful demeanor, she is very much prepared for all her consultations and she is very knowledgeable about lice...I learned alot! Did you know that if you do not comb out the nits with a metal comb, the lice will continue to come back? Don't believe the products that claim that you will rid of lice without combing, that is not true! I was impressed by her professionalism and work ethic. Jessica knows what she is doing and you will not be disappointed. She gave me peace of mind and for that I will be grateful to her.

Her rates are very reasonable:) I could have saved myself alot of money if I have found Nit Nabbers first. You will save yourself money, time and energy if you call Nit Nabbers rather than spend hundreds of dollars on over the counter products that don't work! I will definitely call her again should I ever have another lice incident. I have referred Nit Nabbers to the parents I know and to anyone that has a lice issue. Thanks to you I am lice and nit free!!! The products you use are amazing and smell divine:) I am a satisfied customer! Nit Nabbers is the best!!!!!

Parent / School Volunteer
Charlotte, NC

What a life saver you were for us last week. My day was completely full with work and tending to my ill sister’s needs and then to discover lice (for the 3rd time this school year) as my daughter came in from school. It just about put me over the edge.

After seeing the louse and the tears that followed from me and Emilee, I quickly asked her what she thought about calling you and Nit Nabbers. We’d heard about your services the previous time but thought we were done with the bugs…not so. Emilee agreed to my calling you as I told her that I thought you would have some special “stuff” and knew a lot about how to get rid of lice FOREVER. We have literally been battling the nasty critters over the past several months – each time using home or store bought remedies, spending long hours combing thru the nits and longer hours cleaning vacuuming, bagging up toys, changing linens, and on and on. PLUS tears, tears and more tears.

After your visit, I can truly say – I will NEVER again attempt to deal with lice if we have the misfortune of their presence in our lives. We will immediately call you. Your prompt service and calm nature were just what we needed and your ability to take over the situation, bring everything you would need plus the portable DVD with movies for kids to watch was FANTASTIC.

I can happily say that we have been lice and nit FREE since the Nit Nabbers treatment last week and Emilee feels so relieved to be done with them. Your courtesy “family check” proved invaluable as well since you did find evidence of lice on our three year old and immediately treated him as well. Again – the DVD for distraction was great and like big sister, he got to sit in the “cool big chair” too.

Thank you so much for your time, your thorough work, professionalism and care. I really didn’t know how having a stranger come in and handle such a situation would be received but it went great. I also appreciated your taking time to educate me on the products you were using so that I knew the kids would be safe.

I wish you continued success with Nit Nabbers and have already shared my experience with several neighbors. I hope we don’t meet again under such circumstances but if we do, I know the problem will be resolved professionally, quickly and safely. And…without tears.

Charlotte, NC

Nit Nabbers to the rescue! I spent two frustrating days trying to rid the nits from my daughter’s hair. I called Nit Nabbers and Jessica came to my home with everything including towels, a floor tarp, chair, sprayer and DVD player! Jessica was very knowledgeable about the whole process of removing the nits from my daughter’s hair as well as cleaning the house so that she could not be re-infected from the furniture or her clothes. She used an all-natural shampoo and conditioner on her head instead of the pesticide laden shampoo I had purchased at the drugstore days earlier. Jessica was thorough and kept my daughter entertained while she completely rid her head of the nits. Ten days later, they were definitely gone. I couldn’t be more pleased and I hopefully won’t ever have to call her again, but I would if needed.

PS. The kids love the shampoo and conditioner.

Charlotte, NC

I was a frustrated mom that had already been through horror a few years ago with head lice. It took 6 months and people telling me I was imagining they were still there (which I verified with the doctor they were.) So when my son came home from school with it again I was terrified and sick. After two treatments with the doctors and endless combing a nurse finally said, "Honey you can't do your own hair. You can't see what you are doing." So I went online and found Nit Nabbers. I was shocked that there was help out there. Barb came to my house, and took her time, and did my hair and my two children's hair. Surprisingly it did not take that long. She absolutely did a wonderful job and was friendly and really had a lot of great information. I knew to wash towels first that night and bedding but I had no idea of all the wrong information I had been given. It has been 3 weeks, and yes, even had hair checked with the doctors and nothing. If this ever happens again there is only one phone call I am making and that is to Nit Nabbers.

A Thrilled Mom
Gastonia, NC

I just wanted to let you know what a great job Hope and Nit Nabbers did in treating the lice we had in our home. This is the second time we have used you and it gives me such peace of mind knowing that your service is there for me. I can’t say enough!

Thanks again so very much!

Charlotte, NC

Hi. Just wanted to say that Barb is great - a pleasure to have in our home. We will certainly reach out to nit Nabbers again should we get lice. Thanks!

J. A.
Charlotte, NC

Thank you again for having Hope come by so late. She was great and we feel great now. I hope this round is over and done with but even if not it's good to know you will come back. Should we ever have this problem again I will be sure to give you a call. I can't believe I ever used the toxins on my poor children.

Satisfied Parent
Charlotte, NC

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